How to install Adobe flash player in Linux Mint 10


Adobe flash player is an essential plugin for a Browser.Generally by default it does not come with installation in browsers,so you may not be able to see the videos from different websites.This problem will be solved when HTML 5 will come, which will have by default these features.But for now i will tell you how to install Adobe flash player in Linux Mint, as it is simple to install in windows by one click.Actually in Linux Mint 10(Julia), Mozilla firefox comes with its default flash player called”mint-flashplugin”, which is not much good,as it will run the videos from the site but sometimes shows error.So its better to install Adobe Flash Player.

Using Synaptic Package Manager-

#Open the Package Manager,by going to Menu->Package Manager.

#Search for “Adobe-flashplugin” in the search box and click on “mark for installation“.

(you can see that when you mark adobe-flashplugin then it will mark mint-flashplugin for uninstallation, as you can not use two same type of plugins, so click on mark)

#Now click on Apply to start the installation.

#Wait for some time until installation completes.

#Now open the Browser and type any video website, you will see that its running the video.So Enjoy!!

#If its not opening the video file, try to reinstall it.

Using Software Manager-

#Open the Software Manager by going to Menu->Package Manager.

#Search for “Adobe-flashplugin” in the search box and click on it.It will show an option to install.

#Click on install option and which will start the installation process.

#Wait for some time until it complete the installation.

#Now restart the Browser and open any video site,it will play your videos.


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