Keyboard Shortcuts for Linux Mint


Linux Mint provides many features and one of them is Keyboard Shortcut keys.Using the Shortcut keys you can save your time and increase your speed just like in Microsoft Windows and Mac OS.Previously i was using the Windows Operating System then i usually use the Shortcut keys.Some times it is better to use Shortcuts and when your mouse is not working properly then using Keyboard Shortcuts will solve your problem.So i am going to tell you some useful and frequently used shortcuts in Linux Mint.

General Shortcuts

Ctrl+Alt+T              = Used to open terminal

Ctrl+Alt+F6            = Used to open the Virtual Terminal.In place of F6 you can use the F1 to F6

Ctrl+Alt+F7            = Used to return back to the user interface window

Alt+F1                    = open the Application Menu

Alt+F2                    = Open the Run Application window

Alt+F9                    = Used to minimize the present using window

Ctrl+Alt+tab            = It is used to switch between focused window to other running window

Ctrl+F10                 = Opens the popup menu for the selected panel

Windows Shortcut

Tab                         = Used to switch the focus between object of panel

Alt+Spacebar          = Used to open the Windows Menu

Alt+F8                     = Start the Resize Operation

F10                         = Open the first menu fr0m the left of the Menu Bar

Alt+F4                     = Close the open window

Application Shortcuts

Ctrl+X                     = Cut the selected portion

Ctrl+C                     = Copy the selected portion

Ctrl+V                     = Paste the copied data

Ctrl+N                     = Open the new window

Ctrl+Z                     = Undo the action

Ctrl+S                     = Save the file

Ctrl+Q                     = Quit the file

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