How to install google voice and video chat in ubuntu 11.04


Google voice and video chat is a tool which is used to communicate seamlessly between different users through Voice and Video chatting.It is nice application which is used in different Google web applications like  Gmail, Orkut and now Google plus which is still under process.In Google plus there is a feature called Hangout through you can do video chat without a break.So you must want to install and use the Google voice and video chat .And its good to know that you can install not only on Microsoft Windows but also on your Ubuntu Linux and enjoy Hanging out with your friends.

So i am going to tell you about how to install google voice and video chat in Ubuntu Linux 11.04 which takes few steps to install.

Install Google voice and video chat

1.Download the Google voice and video chat from its Official website.You can choose 32 or 64 bit Debian package(*.deb).It will take few seconds to download.

2.Close the browser(so that the package will install successfully) and Open the folder where the file is saved.

3.Now double click on the file,which will open Software manager window from there you just click on the install.This will download all the packages and starts the installation.

4.Wait for some time until installation complete.Now open the relevant application like Gmail or Orkut or Google Talk and enjoy using voice and video chat without any trouble.

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